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Chicopee Comprehensive High School. December 2018.




I provide a rare opportunity to see the whole creative process with an emphasis on education and a positive attitude.


Many students think books and toys just come from stores without understanding the incredible effort it takes from writers, artists, and designers to create them. My presentations entertain and educate as I show, step-by-step, the creative process behind children’s books, video games, and toys.


Working in the arts can bring great joy and pride, but requires discipline and dedication. Older students will appreciate a more in-depth exploration of the creative career. How did I get my start? How do I find work? Did I go to college? Students are very curious as they contemplate what path to follow in life. I share my experiences so they can proceed with confidence and realistic expectations.



Elementary and junior high:

Younger students will enjoy learning how drawings, books, and toys are made. I have an entertaining slideshow presentation that outlines the artistic process from sketch to final art for some of my projects with Scholastic books. The presentation can be tailored to fit your curriculum or to tie in with an assignment.


High school and college:

High school and college students get an inside look at what it really means to be a professional artist. I talk candidly about my education and varied career experiences as a video game artist, illustrator, and toy designer. Other important topics are also covered such as marketing and business aspects. A detailed slideshow adds an extra level of engagement.


I always bring samples of my books and toys for “show and tell”.


I’m comfortable presenting to large (auditorium) or small (classroom) groups.


The duration of each presentation can vary from 30 to 75 minutes depending on the audience and venue schedule. I encourage questions and discussions from the audience as part of the presentation. Teacher participation is also welcome.



A live drawing demonstration can be a fun addition to any visit. I’ll need access to an easel and large drawing pad, but I will bring my own drawing tools. It’s even more fun if the students can draw along with me on their own paper.



$500 for classroom visits and presentations, up to 4 hours and 2 classrooms, local* visit

$800 for a full day, local* visit

*Local or long distance visit? A local visit is anyplace I can drive to within 2 hours. A remote visit is someplace that requires more driving or air travel. I am open to remote visits with compensation for travel and accommodations.

Here is my studio address for your reference.

​​David White Illustration

1 Cottage Street, Suite 511

Easthampton, MA



Payment is due on the day of the visit. Distances greater than two hours drive will require a hotel stay the evening before at the hosts expense.


For visits that require air travel, the host will arrange hotel reservations. I will arrange air travel, which will be reimbursed along with the hotel. There is the option for a rental car or to be shuttled by volunteers. I will provide you with a complete list of all necessary travel expenses for approval prior to making any reservations.


Charitable organization are welcome to contact me about volunteer events.



I will bring my own PC laptop, cable, and microphone. I will also bring a portfolio of my illustration work and 3D printed samples of toys I have designed.


What I need from you: A digital projector and a space suitable for a slideshow. This includes a screen or white wall and dimmable lights. Some sort of audio/speaker system will be needed if you want me to use a microphone.



Please contact me directly via e-mail with a desired date and age group. I’ll get back to you with my availability and we can proceed from there.






  • WGBY

  • Springfield Museum

  • Chicopee Comprehensive High School

  • Springfield Technical Community College

  • Easthampton High School

  • Montessori School of Northampton

  • Westfield State University

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Westfield State Visit.png

Westfield State University

Thanks from Webelos pack 104 :)

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Springfield Technical Community College

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