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Sample- Dragon Mech - COLOR - V02.jpg

Mecha Dragon design for a mobile game.



Designing giant robots, or mecha, is my favorite thing to do! I've designed dozens of mecha for games such as Mechwarrior 4, Battletech, and Transformers: War for Cybertron. My mecha art is also featured in many books including Christopher Hart's Mecha Mania and 50 Robots to Draw and Paint by Quarto.

Whether you need a single illustration or a whole team of robot designs with full turnarounds and detail shots, I can help you. I can provide traditional hand drawn art or completely digital art. Black and white or full color. It all depends on what's best for your project and the desired style.

Need to make miniatures for games? I can help you with that too! All the way from concept to 3D model. Or just the modeling based on your pre-existing design. I can even provide test 3D prints.

Contract me now about your project!

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