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As of 8/30/2021 I am working full-time as a digital sculptor for Super7 and am no longer able to accept toy or collectibles related freelance work.

Creative designs, vivid colors, exciting action, reliable service... these are just some of the many reasons my clients are happy to work with me again and again.

I provide a wide range of services including book covers and interior illustration, graphic design, 3D modeling, posters, character design, game art, and packaging backgrounds.

My studio is conveniently located in western Massachusetts, which means I can easily commute to Boston and New York City for interviews, meetings, and presentations.


Presentations and school visits are a fun way to share my experiences with students and anyone who is interested in being an artist. I most commonly speak about my experience illustrating children's books and creating Toys but I am flexible and happy to work with you for something unique. The 3D printing aspect is a terrific compliment to the STEAM curriculum. Please see my school visits page for more information.

A customer oriented and positive attitude makes me a fun and professional addition to any project or team. You will benefit from my years of experience working with top brands such as LEGO, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Hot Wheels.


Please contact me with questions and comments. I look forward to working with you!





Thanks for writing!

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